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Why use Adamas?

Whether laptops, desktops or servers—stand-alone or cloud-based—every organization requires data storage. Unfortunately, sophisticated cyber-attacks are proliferating exponentially, and everyone is vulnerable. Adamas offers a solution with our secure hard drives and servers.

WORM Technology

FIPS 140-2

GDPR Compliant

DISA Tested & Validated

confidentiality, integrity, availability

Secure Storage

Secure storage must be protected from sabotage, manipulation, deletion, ransomware, firmware viruses, data loss, disclosure, insider threats, cyber-attacks and must comply with various regulatory compliance rules (NIST, GDPR, etc.).

Secure storage must address all 3 of the NIST Risk Management Framework CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability).

tried and true

Trusted by many organizations

Adamas’ technology is used currently by US Federal, State and Local government agencies, banks, broker dealer firms, mortgage firms, hospitals, credit unions, oil and gas companies, a major US stock exchange and many other organizations.

Adamas Drive and Server solutions are affordable and easy to integrate and use. Provides compliance with GDPR, California regulation 2729, Oregon 863-015-0260, DoD 5015.2, HIPAA, SEC 17a3-17a4, FINRA and other regulations.

Adamas Benefits

Protection cannot be bypassed

Once the Adamas Drive or Server is locked, the protection cannot be bypassed. Adamas secures the data at the hardware-level, with security at the lowest layer in the security stack, ensuring no hacking, virus, or malware can affect the data on the disk. Adamas Drives and Servers even
allow the protection to be applied to portable/external drives. Regardless of operating system or administrator permissions, data stored is truly secure from malicious or accidental events. Plug-and-play GDPR compliance is simple and cost-effective.

Simple, Transparent & Effective

Adamas Drives and Servers are used like ordinary storage hardware. Systems are plug-and-play/drag-and-drop, and use standard interfaces, file systems, file formats and applications. They are applicable to local, remote and/or cloud-based storage architectures.


Adamas deployment lowers costs while mitigating loss of data, reducing risk due to cyber-malware attacks and providing undefeatable data defense that requires no specials skills. In addition, Adamas Cloud solutions provide safe, simple, customer- controlled data with AWS, Azure, Google or other cloud service providers.

Saves Time & Reduces Media Consumption

Once backups have been completed utilizing best practices, there is no need to backup that data any further, since it will not change. There are no license fees or system patches required since security is implemented in the hardware.

A solution of every size


Adamas solutions are available as small as a single 500GB drive, and can scale up to 4.1 Petabytes in a single rack. Solutions can be deployed to provide unlimited amounts of storage when hosted on premise or within a cloud ecosystem.

Regardless of your organization’s size or data demands, there is an Adamas solution that fit your needs.

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